X10 5 Device Universal Preprogrammed Remote Control UR73A OLDER VERSION

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  • X10 Powerhouse brand universal pre-programmed remote model number UR73A.
  • Older version that uses 3 digit codes.
  • Code library includes listings for most TVs, VCRs, cable boxes, satellite, DVD players, CD players, audio video receivers, laser disk players, and home automation.
  • Code search allows you to find a code for equipment not listed in the manual.
  • Requires an X10 transceiver, security system base receiver, or an IR543 infrared to X10 controller for controlling X10 home automation modules.
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries.
  • Color is silver.
  • You can view the instructions online in PDF format by clicking here.
  • Shipping weight for one: 7 ounces.

This is the X10 Powerhouse brand 5-in-1 Infrared Universal Remote Control model UR73A. Now you can control most if not all of your audio/video products from one remote. You can also control your lights and appliances as well without having to be in the same room. Can be used to replace up to 5 different infrared remotes. Includes a separate DSS (Sat) and X10 keys. Code library includes listings for most TVs, VCRs, cable boxes, satellite (including DSS), DVD players, CD players, audio video receivers, laser disk players, and home automation.

Easy to setup, just look up the code for the TV, VCR etc. and enter it into the remote using a simple key sequence. Click here to view the code list (in .PDF format) to see if your equipment is listed. Even if there is no code listed for your particular equipment, you can use the remotes search function to try to find one that will work. This increases the likelihood that the remote will work with virtually any audio/video product. Also, sometimes using an alternate code allows you to find one where the keys more closely match what they are labeled for.

Can control X10 home automation products when used with any wireless transceiver, any X10 security system base receiver, or an infrared to X10 converter (IR543), along with the appropriate X10 modules to control your lights and appliances. For just one example, this would allow you to switch and dim the lights in a home theater application. You can even use it to operate IR controlled air conditioning, fans, and drapery controls. The RF portion of this remote is for X10 home automation only. Works with other great products from X10 including ActiveHome, Wireless Videosender, and the wireless Remote Extender (PowerMid).

NOTE: The TV mode key can only be used to store TV codes but you can use the VCR, CBL, SAT, and X10 keys for any other device including DVD, CD, audio video receivers, and an additional TV, VCR, Cable box, or Satellite receiver. This remote cannot learn from other remotes. If you need one that can learn, the UR74A learning remote would be the one to buy. Also, the X10 key can be programmed for other devices other than X10 if you don't need the home automation part of the remote thereby making it a true 5 in 1 remote.

The keys on the remote are as follows:

Power (X10 all lights on command)
Channel Up/Down (X10 on/off)
Mute (X10 all off command)
Volume Up/Down (dim and bright for lights)
A, B, C ,and D
Navigational Keys Up, Down, Left, Right, and OK

Compatible with all manufacturer's X10 products including those from but not limited to GE, IBM, HomeLink, Leviton, Magnavox, RCA, Radio Shack, Safety First, Smarthome, Stanley, X10, and X-10 PRO.

Class of X10 home automation device: