Software Downloads



To download any of the X10 software, just click on the appropriate link.


The Original ActiveHome Software for the CM11A Serial PC Interface (3.44 MB). Only works on 16 and 32 bit operating systems (XP or earlier). Should work with other 32 bit operating systems (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10) though we have not been able to test it.

New ActiveHome Vista Software for the CM11A Serial PC Interface (2.03 MB as a zip file). Works with XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 10 (32 AND 64 bit Windows operating systems). Also works with the CM17A. Can also work with the ActiveHome PRO CM15A USB interface.

You can also download the same ActiveHome Vista software as an uncompressed file (11.5 MB) by clicking here.

You can view the release notes from the creator of the new ActiveHome Vista software by clicking here.

In order to use ActiveHome Vista with the CM15A interface, the ActiveHome PRO SDK is needed (if you don't have the ActiveHome PRO software already installed on your PC). You can download the ActiveHome PRO SDK by clicking here (9.87 MB).

CM17A FireCracker Serial Interface Software. Also works with the CM19A USB Interface. (2.16 MB).

MK19A MouseRemote Software (1.01 MB).

VA11A and VA12A Drivers (268 KB zip file). We pulled this off of our own computer. These are just the drivers for the VA11A and VA12A. I don't know if it will do any good without an X10 software title already installed on your PC, but here they are nonetheless.