About Us

We are a small home automation business that sells out of our home. We are located in Dundee, Ohio, which is a small rural community about 30 miles south of Canton. All of the items we sell are exactly as you would receive if you ordered them directly from X10.com, X-10 PRO, or Smarthome.com. Unless otherwise noted, are items are brand new in their original factory boxes with all the hardware and instructions/manuals as you would receive from them.

We have been selling online for over 20 years. When we first started out, it was just as a side business for a little extra income. Then we opened an eBay store in 2002 and began selling home automation full time. Then in 2009 we opened our own online store using Highwire.com. Then in 2018 we moved to where we are now on Shopify.com. We also still maintain a store on eBay.

Contact Info

Hardy Ridge Road NW
Dundee, Ohio 44624

You can contact us via email at: GMCMan38@msn.com with questions. We check our email daily and will respond as quickly as we can.