X10 PRO Home Automation XPFM 15 Amp Inline Relay Fixture Module

X10 PRO Home Automation XPFM 15 Amp Inline Relay Fixture Module

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  • X10 PRO brand In-Line fixture module model number XPFM.
  • For use with any incandescent or inductive loads up to 15 Amps.
  • Non-dimming. Use with loads that can't or shouldn't be dimmed.
  • Does not have local control--meaning that you can only operate the device they are controlling via X10.
  • Uses a mechanical relay for switching so there's no heat build-up as there would normally be with a solid state switch.
  • Behaves much like an appliance module does. If it's ON when the power is cut or fails, it remains ON once the power is restored. If used in series with a standard switch, you can still turn the lights ON and OFF at the switch.
  • Responds to X10 ON, OFF, ALL LIGHTS ON, and ALL OFF commands.
  • Measures in inches (L x W x D) 3 x 2 x 1.25
  • Rated at 120 Volts AC, 15 Amps, UL Listed.
  • You can view the instructions online in PDF format by clicking here.
  • Shipping weight for one: 7 ounces.

This is the X-10 PRO in-line fixture module XPFM for use inside of recessed lighting fixtures or wall boxes. Works with any X10 plug-in controller such as a mini-controller or timer. An X10 remote and transceiver module or security system base receiver would be needed for wireless remote control.

Three Wire Connectivity:

Black: AC Hot
White: AC Neutral
Blue: Load

Compatible with all manufacturer's X10 products including those from but not limited to GE, IBM, HomeLink, Leviton, Magnavox, RCA, Radio Shack, Safety First, Smarthome, Stanley, X10, and X-10 PRO.

Class of X10 home automation device: