X10 Genuine CM11A ActiveHome Serial Computer Interface USED RETURNS

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These are CM11A's that have been returned for various reasons. The reasons range from it didn't work, wouldn't communicate, ran hot, stopped working, didn't work as intended, didn't need, outlet on the CM11A isn't switchable, etc. etc. etc.

I have tested all of these using the ActiveHome Vista software to be sure they connect and both send as well as receive X10 commands. Then I unhooked them from the PC and left them plugged in for 12 hours to rule out any thermal issues. After 12 hours, I then verified that they again connect to the PC and both send and receive X10 commands. I guarantee nothing else on these units only. They may be fully functional or may have some un-diagnosed issues.

For more info on the CM11A, you can read the full description on this site. The software titles are free regardless if you pay full price or the discounted price for the CM11A.

These do not include the serial cable or original box. They will be set in a piece of Styrofoam to protect the AC pins and wrapped in a padded poly bubble mailer and then shipped in an additional padded poly bubble mailer. There are NO RETURNS ON THESE.