X10 Powerhouse Home Automation WS14A Decorator Slave Companion Switch

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  • X10 brand model number WS14A.
  • Comparable to the X10 PRO brand XPSS-IW.
  • This switch will not operate independently. It must be used with one of the following model number switches: WS12A, WS13A, RWS17, XPD3-IW, XPS3-IW, or XPDI3-IW.
  • Can be used with any of the above master switches for 3, 4, and 5 way or more applications. Just add however many companion switches are needed for each control point.
  • Exactly mirrors the operation of the master control switches' own rocker.
  • Rated for 120 Volts AC, 60 Hz., 100mA maximum load. The LED indicator is non-functional. It's just a left over as they use the same enclosure for these as they use to manufacture the WS13A master switch.
  • Includes both white and ivory rockers and the hardware needed to wire it in. Wall plates are not included.
  • You can view the instructions online in PDF format by clicking here.
  • Shipping weight for one: 5 ounces.

This is the X10 Powerhouse brand decorator style companion switch model number WS14A. These can be mixed or matched with the X10 Powerhouse brand WS14A and RWS19 companion switches. Includes both white and ivory rockers and wall plates. Works with the X10 Powerhouse WS12A, WS13A, RWS17, X10 PRO XPD3-IW, X10 PRO XPS3-IW, and X10 PRO XPDI3-IW decorator style switches for 3 and 4 way (or more) applications. A 3-way application is where there are two switches controlling the same circuit. A 4-way is where there are 3 switches.

This switch will not operate independently.
This REQUIRES a WS12A, WS13A, RWS17, XPD3-IW, XPS3-IW, or XPDI3-IW master switch for operation. Attractive decorative style fits into the interior decor of many of today's homes. Looks great in older homes too.

Compatible with all manufacturer's X10 products including those from but not limited to GE, IBM, HomeLink, Leviton, Magnavox, RCA, Radio Shack, Safety First, Smarthome, Stanley, X10, and X-10 PRO.
Class of X10 home automation device:
Companion Switch