X10 SH624 Handheld Wireless Security System Remote Control

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  • X10 Powerhouse brand model number SH624.
  • Use to ARM or DISARM your wireless X10 security system.
  • Panic button sets off your security system even if it isn't armed.
  • Security light turns ON/OFF any light that's set to the same house and unit code on the security system console.
  • RF transmission range up to 100 feet.
  • Direct control of unit codes 1 to 4 via the security system console or can be used with a standard X10 (non-security) transceiver.
  • You can view the instructions online in PDF format by clicking here.
  • Shipping weight for one: 5 ounces.

This is the X10 Powerhouse brand Handheld Security Remote (SH624) for use with any X10 wireless security system base receiver (PS561, DC821, SC1200) or can be added to any X10 wireless security system (DS7000, DC8700 SS5400, SS5402). Also works with some Radio Shack wireless security systems. It combines the functions of a security remote and a palmpad controller by including control for lights and appliances with optional X10 modules set to unit codes 1 thru 4. You set the housecode to the same as what you have your security console set to. Can also be used with a standard X10 (non-security) transceiver to control unit codes 1 thru 4.

It has two arming options that allow you to arm your X10 security system in "home" or "away" mode. In "home" mode, only door and window sensors are active so that you can walk around your home without setting off any motion sensors. In "away" mode, all sensors (including motion sensors) are active. Also features a panic button for instant alarm and on/off, dim/bright control for lights. The SH624 is initialized during set-up of your security system so that it will be recognized and able to control it. This way no-one else can deactivate your system with another remote.

Also has a "security light" button that turns on the lights that you have your security console unit code set to. The "max/min" switch allows you to set the remote to arm the security system instantly or with a one minute exit delay. When armed in the delay "max" mode, the security light you have set on the security console (for example the porch lights) will come on letting you know that the system is going to arm. Then when you leave and see the lights go out, you have a visual confirmation that the system has actually armed. Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included).

Compatible with all manufacturer's X10 products including those from but not limited to GE, IBM, HomeLink, Leviton, Magnavox, RCA, Radio Shack, Safety First, Smarthome, Stanley, X10, and X-10 PRO.

Class of X10 home automation device:
Security Remote/Controller